Is there a Creator Cover

About The Book

There is a war going on. This war has been in progress for thousands of years. In this war, millions have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed. In some cases this war is fought with guns and bombs, in others it is fought with laws and education.

In today's world this war is being fought on several fronts. Among those are the shooting war with Muslim terrorists, the partial ban on religion in most Communist and Muslim countries, and the United States court system's ban on acknowledging a creator in our public school system.

The driving force behind this war is humanity's inability to agree on whether or not there is a creator. And the inability — of those who believe there is a creator — to agree on what the creator is like and what the creator's expectations are.

This inability to agree on the existence and other aspects of a creator has resulted in the variations in value systems that are the fuel that keeps this war going.

Given all this, most people would agree, at least on a societal level, it really does matter what you believe, as well as what the society you live in believes.

But does it really matter what we believe on a personal level - that level located between our ears where each of us lives? I believe it does matter and you deserve to know why.

That's the reason for this book.



"I did enjoy, or shall I say was refreshed by reading your booklet. I think is profitable for our grandchildren to read as it is written very well in an understandable style."

—C. Geiger